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Hey gang…..I’ve now attended a number of the 406 Crusier meetings and have started to get to know some of the familiar faces. These guys are not aliens. Despite the fact that their choice of vehicles is a little fucked up, they are good dudes (and ladies). We ventured into Goose Lake (Beartooths) and then I attended their summer BBQ. It was super fun. I would encourage all of you to join in on the fun. My buddy Josh is bi. He has a defender 90 and a 4 runner. We hauled him up to Blue Lake (also in the beartooths) and ripped all of the steps off of his 4 runner. See…….if he was driving the D90, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Everything would be perfectly fine.

Start to get your rovers ready and join in on the 406Crusier trail rides. They are super fun and you won’t be left behind. They are all using HAM Radios which you have to take a test to use, but for really good reason. They work. The next test is September 7th. This will be the first test I’ve taken in probably 20 years so if I can do it, you can too. It’s really not that hard and is a good little personal challenge and adult goal. As if we don’t get humbled everyday…………….now that we know we don’t know shit.

Back to our little Blue lake trip…………my homie Richie from work drove his damn VW Syncro there. This was one of the most gnarly trails that I’ve ever been on personally. Richie’s display of driving skills and flat out giving her hell got him there and seeing a syncro bounce through the rocks was insane. The photos and videos that we took of the crazy sections simply don’t do the real trail justice. I would not ever go there without a crew of super capable trucks. It was rough going. There were lots of 4 wheelers and side by sides in awe that there was a freaking syncro on the trail.

My point here is that people are getting out and doing things and having unforgettable experiences with good people and you are invited. I don’t (and the others dont) give a shit if you are not super dialed. You don’t need to be. The brotherhood will make sure you get home. You are special and gosh darnit people like you. So show up, let some air out of your tires and start learning ………at least that is what I’m doing. For all I know these guys are all thinking “who the fuck is this asshole with the LandRover”.

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