Montana Rovers
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MONTANA ROVERS.............25 years ago. I wanted to do something different. My dad restored Model A Fords and brother followed in his foot steps. For some reason I was attracted to Land Rovers. One thing led to another and at the age of 14, I found grease up to my arm pits and Land Rover parts all over our driveway. Little blue was restored by the age of 16. High school and teenage years were hard on her which then lead to neglect. Life, college, and other distractions came along....I almost let her go. Now I've got a family, a garage, and the hours between about 8:30 and midnight to play. She slowly came back into my life and I'm completely in love. I've recently realized that Land Rover has been brain washing people like me since the late 40's and there are many similar stories around. As I've started to connect with others that share this same love, we have decided to drink beer together rather than alone;) Sharing our stories and our passions, we swap parts, hangout, tell stories and keep our driveways oily. There is no big agenda here. All are welcome to enjoy this site, contribute, and connect. We'll leave this text here until one of us writes something else;)





It just happens. I'm not sure why. It might be because of Wabco Brakes, but like I said.....not totally sure.

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